iOS Training

The Exclusive 3 Step Training Process.

1. iOS Training phase

  • Coding basics in swift/objective-c.
  • Build industry oriented coding standards.
  • Write and rewrite till coding is clean.

2. iOS Live Project Phase

  • Requirement analysis and planing.
  • Brainstorming and team building.
  • Work using git and apple store submission.

3. Placement phase

  • Prepare for companies.
  • Showcase your skill and ios app.
  • Get Placed.

You Will Learn How To

Code,design and build highest quality iphone and ipad apps that matches guidelines set by apple and passes apple store riview with breeze.With apple pushing iphones aggressively in to indian market,ios ecosystem is gearing up for a major explosion making new possibilities and job opportunities.With all original Mac devices and state of the art lab codemac is the de facto place for learning iOS.

Curriculum Overview

  • Apple ecosystem familiarisation
  • Introduction to objective-c and swift
  • Objects in detail
  • Methods and collections
  • MVC Principles
  • Protocols & Custom Delegation
  • App lifecycle
  • UI designing using xib and storyboards
  • Table view,collection view and custom view implementation
  • Autolayout and universal apps
  • User defaults,Core data, SQlite & realm
  • Local and Remote notification
  • Map kit-apple and google
  • Introduction to third party libraries and cocoapods
  • Web view Apps
  • Web services(xml,json,authentication)
  • Firebase app integration
  • Facebook accountkit,twitter apis
  • Coreanimation
  • Swift advanced Training
  • Git version control using sourcetree

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